Emergency treatment

We see registered and non-registered patients for dental emergencies and our clinicians will be happy to treat the emergency or do what they can to minimise the pain. Our normal opening hours are Monday to Friday (excluding public or bank holidays).

If you have an emergency outside of our opening hours or our clinic is closed please call our main appointments number 0844 375 6000 which will provide the contact number of a dentist on call.

We aim to see our registered patients within 24 hours of contacting the clinic. We also aim to book a registered patient with their registered dentist, however sometimes an emergency appointment will be made with the next available clinician if necessary.

Please remember during emergency appointments the treating dentist is only able to work on the emergency. Whilst our clinicians will endeavour to resolve the problem at time of visit or in as minimal visits as possible, depending on the nature of your emergency you may be required to come back for another visit or referred to one of our specialists. The emergency appointment fee does not include cost of subsequent treatment or X-rays (if applicable).

How to know what constitutes a dental emergency:

If you have had mild to moderate, dull toothache for 1 to 2 weeks, this is appropriate to treat during normal surgery hours. It is important to book an appointment as soon as possible to prevent the problem getting worse.

If you have sharp pain, difficulty breathing, facial swelling or profuse bleeding contact us immediately on 0844 375 6000 where someone can help you, or if outside working hours you will be provided with the number of clinician on call.


Initial Consultation
Includes: small x-rays, colour imaging and treatment planning
Routine examinations£46
Initial child exam£35
Routine child exam£25
Emergency appointment visit fee£59
DPT panorama scan£40
Hygienist appointment

payment on booking appointment

Emergency Treatment Testimonials

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