Face Slimming/Anti-Clenching

If you experience teeth clenching, you’ll know that this can create a wide-looking jawline. This is because the masseter muscles, responsible for creating strength in the jaw, strengthen when we clench or grind our teeth. As these muscles become stronger, the inadvertently become larger, causing the face to take on a square appearance. Teeth grinding and jaw clenching can occur because of an ongoing habit, during sleep or at periods of upset or excess stress.

To prevent jaw clenching and teeth grinding and to slim down and feminise the jawline, we offer Botox injections into to the masseter muscles, here at Mouth in Churchill Place.

Botox is most commonly known for its effectiveness at treating dynamic lines and wrinkles and has been safely used in medicine for many years. Botox (Botulinum Toxin Type A) is a substance which temporarily relaxes the muscles that cause lines and wrinkles and when injected in to the masseter muscles, stops them from being over-used and deters facial clenching. Over time, the strengthened masseters start to relax and decrease in size, making the jawline look more slender and feminine.


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