Clear Invisible Braces

Clear Invisible Braces

Mouth Dental provides a wide portfolio of cosmetic dentistry treatments done by cosmetic dentistry specialists, offering procedures that help our patients regain their confidence through their smiles. We are strengthened by our team of experienced consultants and specialists in all aspects of dental care. Our clear invisible braces procedure works by discreetly straightening teeth without the very noticeable metal braces, providing the ideal solution for those put off by the idea of traditional metal braces.

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What are Clear Invisible Braces?

As the name suggests these braces are virtually invisible and very thin. It is available as the Invisalign variety which is a removable mouth guard moulded to your teeth specifically that do not impede speech. Your lifestyle does not have to undergo any drastic changes which sometimes is the case when you wear fixed braces. You do also get the classic clear braces which are permanently attached to your teeth like regular braces but without the harsh contrast of the metal against your teeth. Most people will not even notice when someone is wearing clear invisible braces. They allow you to straighten your teeth without causing too much change to your visual appearance.

What are Clear Invisible Braces made out of?

Also known as ceramic braces they are made from tooth-coloured ceramic or porcelain brackets and/or clear plastic along with similarly coloured wires and rubber bands and best of all, these braces are very discreet.

Clear braces vs regular braces: What is the difference?

Both clear braces and traditional braces are tools used for orthodontic treatments to straighten teeth and help patients regain their beautiful and healthy smiles. While they both perform a similar role with the only main difference being the materials that the brackets are made from. Metal braces use medical grade stainless steel which is extremely noticeable against the white of your teeth. If you need braces but prefer something more discreet then invisible or clear braces are the solution for you.

Benefits of Clear Braces

The greatest benefit of clear braces is their cosmetic and aesthetic quality as they are subtle and unobtrusive causing next to no change to a person’s appearance. This is why they are the preferred choice of many who do not want to deal with the appearance of metal braces for the duration of their treatment. Clear braces may take slightly longer than metal braces, but for many the aesthetic advantages make the time investment well worth it.

What are the dental concerns that can be corrected through clear braces?

They can be used to correct the same dental concerns as metal braces, such as misaligned or crooked teeth, which an expert orthodontist will do with careful planning. Just like traditional braces ceramic braces use the same technology, the only difference being that the brackets used are clear or tooth-coloured which are affixed to the teeth by a flexible arch wire. Your teeth are carefully realigned by your orthodontist and held in their correct place by tightening and adjusting the wire. So if you struggle with crossbite or crowded teeth, large gaps between your teeth or overbite or excessive overjet you can rectify your teeth with clear braces put in place by an experienced orthodontist. At each visit to your orthodontist, the cross wire is adjusted or tightened, placing gentle pressure on the brackets to slowly move your teeth into the required positions.

Clear Braces at Mouth Dental

Mouth Dental is an exceptional dental practice that provides routine, cosmetic and special dental treatments to an ever growing number of patients. We are the recognised practice for providing patients with a flawless and complete journey through all their dental needs, under one roof. In keeping with our practice of always choosing quality above everything, we worked with industry recognised brands for clear or invisible braces.

To determine the benefit of clear braces for you, you will have an initial consultation with one of our expert orthodontists to plan the treatment and the expected results. After a thorough examination of your teeth your orthodontist will explain to you how the clear braces will help with your dental requirements. You will also discuss the dental care routine that will be involved to ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy. It is during this initial meeting that you should provide details of your dental history.
Based on the information gathered your orthodontist will recommend the best clear braces treatment plan for you. You can discuss any questions or concerns you may have before committing to the plan.
The actual treatment is painless and does not require anaesthesia and is done according to a stage by stage process. When you come for your initial consultation we will take an x-ray of your teeth and jaw with an impression of your gums. It can take about a month for your clear braces to be ready, after which you will be fitted with the first set of clear aligners. Even if you opt for Invisalign which are removable you will be advised to wear them throughout the day except when you are brushing, flossing or eating.
The initial set will usually be worn for about two to three weeks before it is replaced with the next set. Regular check-ins with your orthodontist will be necessary to check the progress. Each person will find treatment times vary as each treatment is unique to an individual patient’s requirements.

Payment options at Mouth Dental

At Mouth Dental we offer several payment options for spreading over a period of time, the cost of treatments such as for clear or invisible braces. There is a ‘pay as you go’ option which allows you to pay for the treatment you have on the day of the appointment. Further, we have a credit system with the financing company Chrysalis Finance, with 0% interest free finance over 12 months and 9.9% interest for up to five years. You will make a monthly payment to Chrysalis Finance via standing order.

Talk to us to find out more details regarding our clear-braces treatments, costs and payment methods and give yourself the gift of a beautiful smile.

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Am I suitable for clear braces?

Almost anyone who requires braces is suitable for clear braces, from adolescents to adult patients. It is suitable for those with crowded teeth, crooked teeth, overbite or underbite or crossbite and gapped or spaced teeth. If you have orthodontic issues besides these, then it is advisable to consult with your dentist regarding the best option for you.

Once teeth are aligned after the procedure, are the results permanent?

Yes clear braces procedure results are permanent, and you will enjoy straighter teeth permanently taking the necessary after care as advised by your orthodontist. To maintain your new straight smile you will probably need to wear retainers at night though the regularity with which you need to wear them will reduce.

How often do the braces need to be refitted?

Braces need to be adjusted every 3-6 weeks to correct any teeth that maybe shifting in an unwanted direction and also for overall monitoring of your dental health, to prevent your treatment time from being extended unnecessarily.

Aftercare - How to take care of your teeth and braces?

  • Always brush, rinse and floss immediately after eating regardless of the type of braces you have. Prolonged contact with food particles increases the intensity of stains so bushing quickly reduces the chances of your clear braces getting stained.
  • There will be many food items you will need to include in your 'do not eat' list not only to reduce stains but also to keep your braces undamaged. Some of the food items include turmeric and curries, yellow mustard, berries and pomegranates, tomatoes and related sauces, coffee/teas, red wine and dark sodas, soya sauce and balsamic vinegar which should give you an idea of what types of food you should be avoiding.
  • You will have to completely avoid smoking if that is a habit you currently have.
  • For the duration you wear the braces you should avoid using whitening toothpaste as it can lighten the shade of your teeth which will leave imprints of where your brackets once were when you remove your braces.

How much do clear braces cost?

On average, clear braces can cost anywhere between £1,500 to £5,000+ depending on the braces and treatment you need. However, it does not always have to cost too much if you are getting a relatively easy dental issue corrected.
Metal braces price - Approximately between £1,500 and £3,000
Clear braces price - Approximately between £1,500 and £5,500

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