Our dental insurance provider is Denplan. For up-to-date details, benefits and Denplan FAQs we recommend you visit the Denplan website.

For corporate or multiple Denplan policies we are able to offer corporate rates, please contact reception for further information.

We currently offer 2 Denplan insurance options: Denplan Care and Denplan Essentials. Details of what is included will depend on your plan type that you choose and the contract outlined with you by your treating dentist. Both plans have an option to include supplementary insurance that provides worldwide cover and dental injury, hospital cash benefits, out of hours consultations, mouth cancer cover and implant upgrade cover. Please contact Denplan for details of the benefits and terms and conditions.


Eligibility: Denplan insurance is quick and easy to arrange, however in order to be eligible for dental insurance you will be assessed to ensure that you are dentally fit as you would with any medical insurance provider. Patients are required to have an initial check up if not registered with us or routine check up if you are. Providing you are dentally healthy you may be able to apply straight away. If you are not deemed dentally fit and need to undertake any further treatment to correct this, you will be required to do so before being eligible to apply.

Already registered and want to move clinics?

If you are already registered with Denplan Essentials and want to change your dentist, if you move area for example, you should contact Denplan to cancel your current contract giving 21 days notice prior to next payment date. You may incur a fee for a new Denplan assessment, depending on your current dental health. You will also be required to complete a new application form. However if you re-register within 6 months you will not be required to pay a new registration fee.

If you are already registered with Denplan Care you will be required to arrange a leaving appointment with your current dentist and they will fill out a Patient Leaving Form, which you will be required to give to your new dentist on assessment visit.

How long do I need to wait for the cover start?

Once applications sent, the registration process will take a couple weeks or so, you can contact Denplan should you need to check on status. The payments are collected by Denplan on the 1st of the month. Usually the plan will need to be received by Denplan by 8 working days of the 1st of the month for the policy to start on that month, otherwise payments and the plan will officially start the following month.

Please note some plans may be backdated for some types of treatment undertaken during the assessment process (within a month) at your treating clinician’s descretion. Treatment before this time and excluded treatments will not be covered (see your Denplan terms and conditions). In order to back date the cover the care start date must be specified on the initial application. For more information contact reception who will be happy to advise you.

Patients with their own corporate cover

If you already have corporate cover please ensure that you specify at the desk on payment as you will need to fill out a claim form to send to your insurer for reimbursement. Patients are responsible for checking with their provider as to treatment entitlement. Reception can provide forms for Denplan Corporate, Bupa Dental Choice and Cigna Dental Care insurance claims, if you have a different provider you should contact them for a form to bring with you on day of treatment. You will be required to fill out your own personal details and the desk will fill out the treatment and clinic details, stamp and date the form for you to send off.

Denplan Essentials

This plan includes:

  • 2 annual Routine check ups
  • 2 annual Routine hygiene and therapy
  • Radiographs

Denplan Essentials does not include: Restorative dental treatments, lab fees and prescriptions, specialist referrals, orthodontics, implants and cosmetic treatment, sedation fees.


Denplan Corporate claim forms will need to be claimed within 60 days. For Denplan corporate patients wanting to book routine hygiene visit, we advise that you book no further than 60 days in advance as pre-payment for hygiene appointments are required.

Bupa Dental Choice® require claim forms to be submitted within 6 months.

Cigna® require claim forms within 12 months of treatment.

Waterside Dental Health cannot be held responsible for loss or delayed claims or claims that fall outside of this period.

Whilst we endeavour to publish information as a guide, please ensure that you contact your insurer for full details of your terms and conditions prior to commencing treatment.