How to find the right cosmetic dentist for you

by | Feb 8, 2022

Today cosmetic dentistry has become accessible for a greater range of problems and is no longer the prerogative of celebrities and the wealthy, allowing more people to invest in themselves and face the world with confidence. The power of a beautiful smile cannot be overstated, and cosmetic dentistry has been pivotal in giving people the chance to restore their natural smile, confidence, and wellbeing. By following the below points finding the right cosmetic dentist for you will not be difficult.

Who is a cosmetics dentist?

A cosmetic dentist is a dentist that can help restore teeth and gums by studying extensively the concepts of smile and adapt that knowledge to each individual requirement. The cosmetic dentist goes beyond just functionality and works to enhance a patient’s naturally beautiful smile with the proper corrective work. They take personal pride in helping restore beautiful smiles with their creative work.

Currently in the UK, any registered dentist can in theory call themselves a cosmetic dentist. However, to truly deserve the title a cosmetic dentist will study general dentistry and obtain additional training beyond those done at dental schools. This additional education and training are an important factor to look for when searching for a suitable cosmetic dentist.

Cosmetic dentistry is a method of professional oral health care that focusses on aesthetics or the appearance of the mouth. Teeth, gum, and the overall smile are the areas a cosmetic dentist will handle with procedures including teeth whitening, fillings, veneers and implants.

Finding a cosmetics dentist

If you want to find a cosmetic dentist that will meet your requirements there are a number of ways to set about it that will help you make the process less stressful and overly complicated. Start with referrals from people close to you such as friends and family. They may have already undergone cosmetic dental procedures and would be able to give you a recommendation. You could also ask your regular dentist who they would recommend.

Once you have a few names you can then check their websites or social medial to find out more details. For instance, most cosmetic dental professionals post pictures of their work, before and after pictures as testaments. If you cannot find any that seem genuine that it would be best to avoid such clinics. Check their credentials carefully because reputed places will always display them prominently.

If, however, distance is an issue and the recommendations you receive are not in your area, you can always simply look online, for clinics near you. Narrow down the options that seem suitable to your needs and then do a thorough research, to ensure that the references and referrals are genuine.

Important factors to consider when choosing a cosmetic dentist

There are several factors to consider before making a choice. While on the surface it may seem simple in reality cosmetic dentistry requires a well-trained eye for detail, precision, an up to date thorough understanding of new and improved dental materials and cosmetic dental treatments. Check up on a prospective dentist’s educational and professional qualifications and if they have been continuing education by attending courses and seminars.

Also find out the professional organizations they are affiliated with or belong to such as the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Keep in mind that the highly qualified cosmetic dentists will have their qualifications and experiences clearly listed.

Make a list of what you want exactly and check it against the services on offer. Take your time in choosing a cosmetic dentist that has experience and a good track record. Remember this is an investment you are making in yourself, and you owe it to yourself to choose a cosmetic dentist that will fulfil all your dental requirements to perfection.

Types of services they offer and what to expect

There are many different cosmetic treatment options available, from adjustments and corrections to a complete smile makeover. What treatment you will need should be determined after discussion with dental professionals who will guide you along the correct path to achieving your desired dental goals.

Tooth bleaching or whitening

Dental implants




Direct Resin Bonding

Short Term Orthodontics

Always make sure you are comfortable with the treatment recommended. However, you will be guided by your dentists as the medical advice they provide will be based on factual knowledge and a cosmetic dentists will always have your best interests at heart.

Once you have narrowed down the dental practice clinic you wish to approach, book an initial consultation. This will help you gather more information regarding the procedures or procedures, the time involved, the overall cost and thereafter make an informed decision. You will also be able to gain an idea of how you feel about the cosmetic dentists, the clinic, the staff and how professional and friendly the atmosphere is.

It is also worthwhile checking on the facilities they have on offer and how quickly they will be able to obtain the necessary dental prostheses. This time will have an impact on your timeframe, so it is important to have a clear idea. Some dentists do have onsite labs which allows for a quicker treatment time along with quality and consistency.

While cosmetic dentistry is not covered by the NHS you can check with your dentists if they offer flexible payment methods so that you can spread the cost of the treatment over a period to time. This way you can achieve your beautiful smile without having to wait forever till you obtain the required finances. As this is an investment for your future be prepared and ensure you have the correct funds to enlist the service of a qualified and experienced cosmetic dentist. This will guarantee that you will enjoy a transformed smile that will last.