How to maintain fresh breath in the summer heat: tips to combat bad breath

by | Aug 28, 2023


Bad breath is a hindrance to making a good impression and to interacting with other people. However polite your peers maybe it still does take a toll on your interactions with them and your quality of life. Further, persistent bad breath or halitosis which is its medical term can be an indication poor dental health habits and other serious health issues.

What causes bad breath?

Temporary bad breath is something we experience as we wake up or after eating a particularly garlicy or oniony meal that does disappear after a while. However permanent halitosis as the name indicates, stays on and often results from poor oral hygiene, dehydration and sometimes owing to chronic illnesses. When you don’t brush your teeth or clean your tongue it allows the bacteria in the mouth the multiply and thrive which leads to bad breath.

Dry mouth is another cause of bad breath, a condition that arises when the salivary glands in your mouth don’t produce enough saliva. A main cause of this is usually dehydration which results in the body not having enough fluid to produce sufficient saliva. It can also happen in anyone suffering with a chronic illness such as diabetes.

Summer heat vs bad breath

During summer we sweat a lot more which means a loss of fluids which we need to be mindful about replenishing. Summer holidays are a time where we indulge in more sweet food and drinks which also cause an increase in plaque buildup. That coupled with dehydration makes our mouths dry and more prone to bacteria and bad breath because we sometimes forget how much more liquids we need to consume to stay hydrated during the hot summer months.

Dry mouth and its role in bad breath

Dry mouth increases the temperature in the mouth creating a breeding ground for sulphur producing bacteria that coat the tongue and throat creating halitosis. Overly sugary or oily food can cause dry mouth as does poor oral hygiene, smoking, not drinking enough water and not cleaning your tongue properly.

How to maintain fresh breath in the summer heat

It is not difficult to maintain fresh breath during the summer heat, all that is needed is a little mindfulness towards making an effort to stay hydrated and maintaining other habits to stimulate saliva production. Summer is a time to of fun with friends and family and you should be able to do so without fear that halitosis might ruin your interactions with others. Keep a bottle of water with you always and be sure to take swigs from it regularly, even if you are not thirsty, just to keep your mouth moist.

Effective dental hygiene practices

Brushing and flossing are the best way to maintain optimal oral hygiene and avoid gum disease. Aim to brush with fluoride toothpaste a minimum of twice a day and floss once a day. If possible during summer try to add a midday brushing as well which will be very beneficial. Run the brush around your teeth in a circular motion concentrating on an area at a time, giving all your teeth proper attention. Use flossing to reach areas that your brush can’t and to dislodge any remaining food particles.

Cleaning the tongue and roof of the mouth

Oral hygiene is not about only cleaning teeth but also about cleaning the whole mouth from the roof to the tongue. You need the correct tools such as a tongue scraper and mouthwash to help you in maintaining good oral health to avoid tooth decay and to help your teeth and gums stay healthy.

Hydration and its role in combatting bad breath

Staying hydrated helps to keep your mouth moist and to promote saliva production, which is important to help with washing away excess bacteria, food particles and reduce plaque buildup. Our bodies lose a lot more moisture during the summer heat which is why we need to make a conscious effort to constantly hydrate to avoid dry mouth and the excess creation of plaque and bacteria.

Diet and nutrition for fresh breath

Diet and nutrition plays an integral role in keeping gums and teeth healthy and certain foods will help promote fresh breath. Eating calcium high food such as milk, plain yogurt, leafy greens, cheese and almost nourish and strengthen the teeth and gums from within. Consuming green tea, parsley, apples, pears, oranges, melons, carrots, cucumbers, nuts and yogurt help promote fresh breath. Chewing gum or sugar fee gum promotes saliva production which is good for oral health and fresher breath.

Importance of routine dental visits

Routine dental visits are a must in order to keep teeth and gums healthy and it is important that you establish the habit of a dental check-up at least twice a year. If you search for a professional dental practice Canary Wharf, Mouth Dental will be the number one choice as it offers a host of cosmetic and dental treatments. A professional Canary Wharf dentist will be able to spot any current or potential issues and take immediate action. If they suspect that there any problems that would benefit from specialised treatment they will direct you to the correct treatment options and specialists. Even if there is no immediate problem they will perform deep cleaning that will help remove problem causing bacteria. It is a good idea to go for a check up before going on holiday.


Dentists Canary Wharf are a good way to keep you teeth in their best condition during the summer holidays. Staying hydrated, eating fresh fruits and vegetables and sticking to a good oral hygiene routine will ensure that you maintain fresh breath during the summer heat. Knowing that your breath is fresh will give you the confidence to enjoy your summer time to the fullest and interact with others without fear.