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Mouth Dental is an exceptional multi-clinic dental practice that provides routine cosmetic and specialist dental treatments to over 9000 patients. There is a reason we are considered East London’s leading dental and specialist referral centre with more than 50 local dental clinics referring their complex cases to our in-house team. We provide our patients with an entire oral care solution including dental surgery Battersea under one roof strengthened by our cutting-edge technological facilities. Our multi-clinic setting in London serves over 9000 patients who regain the confidence of their restored beautiful smiles.

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What is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery is usually dental extractions including wisdom teeth extraction, implants and a range of other surgeries involving the gums and soft tissues in the mouth.

What are the instances that require this surgery to be performed?

Some of the more common dental surgery procedures are listed below:

Tooth extractions – A simple tooth extraction can be performed by most skilled dental providers from an oral surgeon to general dentists. Tooth extractions are usually considered as the last option as a dental solution but is necessary if all other methods are not successful. Your dentist will explain why a tooth extraction is necessary if all other solutions have been exhausted, such as if the tooth is completely decayed, if you have advanced periodontal disease or if the tooth has broken in a way that cannot be repaired. There are two types of extractions:

(1) simple extractions – Simple extractions are usually performed on teeth that are visible in the mouth and is normally performed under local anaesthesia.

(2) surgical extractions – This is when the tooth extraction is more complicated because the tooth is not easy to access, which can happen when the tooth is broken under the gumline or not fully erupted. An incision will be necessary to lift the soft tissue covering the tooth and stitches which dissolve will be required. The tooth may have to be separated into sections to be removed. Surgical extractions can be performed here under local anesthetic and additionally with intravenous sedation.

Dental implants – Dental implants are a popular alternative to bridges or dentures to replace missing teeth. Dental implants look, feel and function like natural teeth and are generally long lasting. Thanks to their long lasting quality and firm anchoring to the jaw they have improved the quality of life of people who had difficulty eating and chewing due to the loss of teeth. Dental implants also help preserve the bone levels which supports the teeth adjacent to the lost tooth.

Bone grafting – Bone grafting is an additional procedure to create bone to support a dental implant when there is insufficient bone thickness.

Emergency treatments – Just as the name suggests these are sudden dental requirements that can occur such as a chipped tooth or untreated gum disease or a decayed tooth, that without immediate treatment can cause long-term damage. Emergency treatments also help alleviate chronic pain and stop any sudden bleeding. Other dental emergencies include:

  • chipped or broken teeth
  • toothache
  • knocked out tooth
  • broken orthodontics
  • lost filling or crown
  • bleeding and pain after tooth extraction
  • abscess

How much do these surgeries cost?

Tooth extractions – The cost varies depending on NHS and private practices, but with the prices ranging between £100 and £450 for a tooth, depending on complexity. Wisdom teeth extractions are generally the most expensive.

Dental implants – Overall cost of a dental implant is generally upwards of £2500, including the initial consultation, implant placement and crown placement. This does vary according to each patient’s individual treatment requirements.

Bone grafting – This roughly costs between £200 – £1,200 for a minor graft with a major graft raging between £1,200 – £2,500. There may be additional costs in the form of x-rays and other types of screening procedures if required.

Emergency treatments – The cost will vary depending on the emergency treatment you need and the ease or severity of your case. The initial diagnosis consultation will cost £79 plus additional treatment required.

Jaw surgeries – This is a life changing procedure and will be referred to a local NHS or private clinic.

Cosmetic dental treatment – This varies dependent on treatment needs but usually includes tooth whitening, laboratory design, composite or ceramic veneer placement and a night guard. This is usually from £2500.

Payment options at Mouth Dental

You know you are receiving high quality digital dentistry, specialist treatments and care when you choose Mouth Dental. With our renowned customer service and patient care, those who come to our clinics are guaranteed to feel comfortable and safe throughout their dental journey, so that even nervous patients do not feel too anxious. We offer extended opening hours along with high quality dental products, dental care and uses state of the art laboratories, so it is no wonder we come highly recommended.

You can make use of our payment options for your treatments that help spread out the cost. We also have a ‘pay as you go’ option that allows you to pay for the treatment you have carried out. Learn more about our 0% interest-free finance over 12 months and the 9.9% interest for up to five years, done in partnership with Chrysalis Finance.

Aftercare Instructions

Aftercare is one the key elements to ensuring the success and longevity of your dental surgery treatments. You should always maintain good oral health by keeping your teeth and mouth clean with a daily routine. Aim to brush or rinse your mouth after every meal. Use mouthwash and when traveling be sure to carry a travel toothbrush with you.

  • Resting after oral surgery, your body needs time to recover
  • Applying ice to your face to reduce swelling
  • Taking your medicines are instructed
  • Eating soft foods
  • Maintaining a clean mouth by rinsing your mouth with warm salt water.

Selecting a Dental surgeon

If you have not been recommended one by your dentist and are looking for a reputed dental surgeon to treat your dental issue, you can use some of the below tips to help you with your search.

  • Affiliated dental practice
  • Location and office hours
  • Credentials and continuing training/education
  • Length of time in practice/experience
  • Pain management and anaesthesia options
  • Dental insurance plans accepted
  • Check social media and other recommendations

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