Reasons to choose dental implants to replace missing teeth

by | Sep 20, 2022


Laughing spontaneously and freely is one of life’s greatest gifts, often the moment we create treasured memories. Missing a tooth or a couple of teeth can cause embarrassment and taint what would otherwise be memorable moments. Unfortunately, dentures can slip, a real concern which is why choosing dental implants for missing teeth is a smart way to regain your confident smile.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are the surgery procedure through which a missing tooth or teeth are permanently replaced. As they function and look just like natural teeth they are a great choice for anyone dealing with the stress of tooth loss. Tooth roots are replaced with metal screw-like posts to which the tooth implant is attached. As the implant is supported so securely it ensures that it is fixed firmly with no fear of it coming off or moving about.

The procedure as a whole does take some time but it is not a complicated process when handled by an experienced dentist. The surgery you will require depends on the type of implant and condition of your jawbone. As the implant has a solid support it is necessary that the jaw bone heals tightly around the support which takes some time to happen.

The procedure for dental implants does require a few steps to complete and takes time because it includes healing time as well. During the initial consultation, your dental surgeon will evaluate the health of your gums by checking for signs of gum disease or a weak jawbone. If these are deemed healthy then the next step in the tooth replacement process can happen. If your jaw bone is not strong enough though you will be recommended bone grafting to improve the implant site. This process includes a healing period as well.

The next step is to actually place the implant along with a temporary dental crown and with dental bridges that help fill the gap caused by the lost tooth or teeth and to restore your bite and oral health. This can take about an hour, and you may need a local anaesthetic and will most probably be prescribed an over the counter pain medication for the first few days following the procedure. After this comes the healing period where the dental implant or implants fuse with your jawbone. The time this takes will vary and the healing process will be monitored right throughout. Once thoroughly healed the final part of the process can be completed, which is to remove the temporary crown and then fix the custom-made permanent crown. The recovery period varies from between 1-2 days up to about a week.

On what occasions are dental implants used?

Use dental implants to replace a missing tooth or teeth even if lost due to injury or disease because they provide a firm and reliable replacement to the original and a dependable alternative for instance to partial dentures. You may think that a single missing tooth is simply an inconvenience and not worth sorting out but not replacing missing teeth can lead to further connected complications such as the remaining teeth shifting out of place changing the whole dynamic of your mouth. This affects your bite and can lead to other dental issues.

What are dental implants made out of?

Thanks to technological advancements dental implants are made out of safe and long-lasting materials such as titanium or titanium alloys. As explained these are placed in your jawbone and allowed to fuse or bond with the bone, a process known as osseointegration which helps the implant function like a natural tooth root and be a long-term tooth replacement. This is why teeth implants have such a high success rate and are the preferred option for those looking for a permanent solution.

Benefits of dental implants to replace missing teeth

Behave just like natural teeth – Thanks to their strong foundation, implants can function just like normal teeth without fear of them moving around or coming off.

Restores ability to bite and chew food – Owing to being securely fixed into place it restores your ability to bite and chew food with confidence.

Keeps other teeth stable – As it fills the gap of the lost natural tooth, it stops the other teeth from moving or shifting which happens when there is a gap between your teeth.

Correct speech issues caused by missing teeth – When you lose a tooth or multiple teeth is affects your speech which is remedied easily by a dental implant

Prevent the deterioration of the jaw bone – When you lose a tooth root, if left unattended over a long period, it causes the bone structure to deteriorate which in turn affects your jawbone as a whole. This can lead to the structure of your face altering.

Prevent conditions such as gum disease – When you have a gap in your mouth it can become a hotspot for bacteria which if not attended to constantly can lead to dental conditions such as gum disease.

Enhance appearance – Of course there are the aesthetic benefits of returning your smile to its original attractive appearance while retaining the shape of your face and jaw. It also prevents your face from sagging which is what happens when there is bone loss.

Considerations to be made when deciding to get implants

If you are considering getting dental implants do your research first and look for a reputed dental practice to see you through the process. A reputed clinic backed by experienced dental professionals will be able to ensure you have a smooth journey towards gaining your life altering dental implants. As this is not a cheap procedure you owe it to yourself to ensure that you get value for money and a solution that will work and last, making it worth your while. Check with your dentist regarding the best options for you and the materials that suit your budget and requirements. You may even find that they offer payment schemes that you make use of to pay for your treatment.

With a dedicated dentist handling your treatment you will also receive follow-ups and advice on suitable aftercare steps and how to best care for your dental implants to ensure their continued longevity.

It is important that you build a strong relationship with your dental clinic and make sure to never miss an appointment. This is not only to check on your dental implant but also to ensure that the rest of your teeth are in top condition as well. Early detection helps smooth out a lot of potential oral problems, so it is to your benefit to go for regular check-ups.


Dental implants do involve invasive treatment but once completed you have a permanent solution for your missing tooth or teeth. When you weigh in the benefits of this procedure, it is well worth making the commitment towards the treatment so that you can regain good oral health and the mental boost of smiling with confidence.

Get in touch with a reputed dental practice today and find out how best to proceed with getting dental implants and get a permanent solution to your missing teeth, that once completed gives you the freedom to enjoy having all your teeth in place once again.