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Start your journey to a fast forwarded smile with six month braces

The long wait is over for beautifully aligned teeth. Mouth Dental offers the revolutionary Six Month Smiles for fast-acting results without the pesky shiny metals. With two types of treatments, you can choose the one that fits you comfortably. Six month braces are convenient, discreet, and extra fast.

As a Six Month Smiles provider, we bring the world’s latest orthodontic innovations to London. Our multi-clinic establishment is home to some of the leading orthodontists in the UK. We use cutting-edge digital dentistry, on-site printing, and three-dimensional scanning for high-tech accuracy, reliability, and convenience. The results are more predictable than ever and help us personalise treatment better for each case.

The comprehensive orthodontic treatments we offer enable you to choose the one you are most comfortable with and provide flexibility to our professionals to recommend the most effective and suitable option for your condition. You receive full aftercare, competitive pricing, and expertise from skilled professionals committed to each individual’s smile transformation. There’s no reason to shy away from life-changing smile correction anymore. Six Month Smiles just made it easier.

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What are Six Month Braces?

Designed for anyone above 16 years of age, it is a teeth-straightening system for crooked, misaligned, or spaced front teeth. It brings rapid results in 6 months or earlier. Due to its clear and tooth-coloured appearance, the wires and brackets are barely noticeable.

What are the different types of Six Month Braces?

You can get Six Month Smiles as clear braces or invisible aligners. Clear braces have clear wires and tooth-coloured brackets. The aligners are made from the world’s most advanced aligner material (Zendura® FLX™), which is clear, flexible, and scalloped.   Both types are crafted to fit comfortably to your unique teeth shapes and will be adjusted by your dentist as shifting takes place.

Benefits of Six Month Braces

Discreet – metal braces are instantly noticeable and often require 12 months or more of wearing, depending on the nature of the malocclusion. These clear braces and aligners are hardly noticeable and blend in with your natural teeth and smile. They also do not need a long time to work, and you can straighten your teeth in a considerably short time. So, they are not only barely visible but also have a shorter wear time, making your treatment more discreet.

Comfort – metal braces may feel cumbersome to wear and cause friction and tension, but clear braces and aligners used in Six Month Smiles treatment are light, fine, flexible, and designed for greater comfort. Made from the best materials in the industry, they are able to move teeth gently and efficiently. And, they are only used on the front teeth reducing the force exerted on teeth.

Convenience – due to their quicker results, these are an ideal option to correct minor misalignments in time for a graduation, wedding, new career, or even in time for the New Year. As the braces are only focus on the teeth that show when you smile, cleaning teeth is much easier with 6MS.

Cost-effective – the cost of orthodontic treatments is determined by the complexity and duration of the process. Six month braces only take about 4-9 months to complete and require only fewer dental visits and adjustments. They are also a lot simpler than other forms of braces.

What are the dental conditions that can be corrected with Six Month Braces?

Gapped teeth – spaces between the teeth

Openbites – teeth do not touch when you bite down

Crossbites – your top teeth and bottom teeth do not meet or bite in the right place

Underbites – your lower teeth protrude beyond your upper teeth

Overjets – when the upper teeth jut outwards to sit over the bottom teeth

Crowded teeth – teeth are not aligned straight and overlap one another, angled, or twisted

What are the limitations of 6 month braces?

Six Month Smile braces come with certain limitations. They can only correct mild to moderate misalignments of front teeth. More serious malocclusions need more time and traditional orthodontics to correct. Severe overbites and underbites may not respond well to fast braces. Our orthodontists will assess your condition and determine if you are a candidate for Six Month braces. If you are not, there are other options (Invisalign or traditional braces) to straighten your teeth effectively.

What are Six Month Braces made out of?

The clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires are made from highly-active memory foam-like Lucid Lok™ thermoplastic. It offers consistent low-level force to gently straighten and align teeth. The wires have a unique arch form that provides for broad but appropriate arches and minimises the need for Interproximal reduction in short-term orthodontics.

The clear aligners are developed using Zendura® FLX™, a new generation   thermoplastic with memory foam properties. It is flexible, scalloped shaped, and comfortably fits your unique teeth shapes.

Six Month Braces vs. regular braces: What is the difference?

Six Month braces blend seamlessly with your natural teeth due to their clear translucency. They do not visibly stand out like regular braces. The average treatment time required by traditional braces is 24 months, and the average treatment time for Six Month braces is 6 months.

Six Month braces can only be used for patients over 16 years of age, which means they are meant for fully-developed teeth. They make cosmetic improvements and cannot resolve complex bite issues or malocclusions.

Six Month Braces at Mouth Dental

As a Six Month Smiles provider, we offer the full hi-tech experience. During your first consultation, our orthodontists will either recommend Six Month braces or help you choose another orthodontic treatment like Invisalign, depending on your need and condition. You will be able to better understand the outcome and treatment planning with the digital simulation we provide.

After digitally scanning your teeth, we send a 3D copy of it to Six Month Smiles Lab for case fabrication. Your braces or aligner will be custom-made for your misaligned teeth. Fitting the braces will take less than an hour. Once teeth start shifting, a noticeable change every month, you will need 3-7 adjustments based on your malocclusion.

Once teeth are aligned after the procedure, are the results permanent?

As with all orthodontic treatments, results remain permanent as long as you wear a retainer. A variety of retainer options are available for each treatment, and your dentist will recommend the most suitable one for you.

How often do the braces need to be refitted?

You will need adjustments every month as shifting happens faster. You will need 3-7 adjustments during the treatment period.

Aftercare – How to take care of my teeth and braces?

It is important to make sure that you brush your teeth gently but firmly without damaging the brackets or wires. Well-maintained oral hygiene is essential to protect your teeth and gums when wearing braces. Clear aligners should be removed to brush teeth.

Foods to avoid

  • Sticky foods like toffee, caramel, and chewing gum.
  • Hard foods like ice, candy, nuts, and popcorn kernels
  • Chewy foods like hard bread
  • Starchy foods like crisps
  • Fizzy drinks and acidic drinks
  • Teeth-staining food and drink
  • Hot tea and coffee

How much do six month braces cost?

Six Month braces can cost between £3,500 and £4,500. The exact cost is determined by the complexity of each individual case. We offer full-cost transparency and easy payment plans.

You can spread the cost of payment for expensive or long-term treatments with the ‘pay-as-you-go’ option. You can pay for individual treatments on the day of each appointment during the treatment period. 0% interest-free finance over 12 months and 9.9 % interest for up to 5 years through Chrysalis Finance are also available. Talk to our reception team to learn more about our payment options.

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Do Six Month braces hurt?

Not at all. It is possible to experience mild discomfort in the first few days after the braces are placed or after adjustments until you get used to the feeling of wearing braces or the new pressure from tweaks.

Can I get Six Month braces?

If you are over 16 and have mild to moderate teeth misalignments, consult your dentist to find out if you can get Six Month braces. Not all adults make good candidates for this treatment.

Are there similar treatments if I do not qualify for Six Month braces?

Yes, Invisalign and traditional clear braces can give you straighter teeth as well.

What's the difference between Six Month Aligners and Braces?

Aligners are more suitable for mild crowding and gaps. Braces are used when more tooth movement is required in complex cases. Both types take about 6 months for complete results.

What can Six Month braces treat?

They can successfully treat mild to moderate crooked, spaced, or misaligned teeth conditions.

What shouldn't I eat or drink when wearing my Six Month braces?

Hard, sticky, chewy, starchy, acidic, and teeth-staining food can damage and discolour your clear braces. Too many fizzy and citrusy drinks can cause reactions in the material the braces are made of. Smoking and alcohol consumption, too, can cause staining. Reducing sugary and starchy foods help you maintain better oral hygiene, which is essential to the success of your braces.

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