Summer oral care for kids: keeping children’s smiles healthy and bright

by | Aug 14, 2023


Fun in the sun when school year is out for summer holidays is the perfect family time together. However, it is also the time when routines are put aside which is when it can take a toll on your child’s dental care. Even when in vacation mode it is important to help keep your child’s teeth healthy and strong, retain that beautiful smile free from tooth decay, even while enjoying every moment of the summer holidays.

Importance of proper dental care for children

The importance of proper dental care for children is something every parent understands. Good oral health care is the only way to prevent tooth decay and the problems that arrive thereafter. From a young age kids can be instilled with the understanding of how important dental health is for strong healthy and good looking teeth. Even with milk teeth children can be taught to appreciate a daily oral hygiene routine to look after their teeth so that they maintain healthy gums which will someday be the anchor for their permanent teeth.

Tooth decay causes pain, facial swelling, abscesses, discolouration and could ultimately require removal. Bad teeth can lead to speaking issues, affect how they eat and interact with others. When children brush and floss daily combined with other good oral hygiene habits they are helping to keep their teeth in their best condition, beneficial to not only their present but future as well.

How does summer affect your child’s dental health?

Summer vacation, usually the start to chaotic fun with time away, where regular routines are put on hold. It is also a time of indulgence possibly filled with ice cream, sugary drinks and where oily or processed foods maybe consumed more than normal. There could be times where kids are too tired to brush and floss at the end of a busy day having fun.

If you are on holiday in a location that is much sunnier and warmer than what you are used to then the potential for dehydration to set in is much higher. Coupled with an excess of sweeter foods and drinks, a lack of proper hydration takes a toll on the teeth.

Despite the holiday vibe it is important your child stays healthy and still maintains oral hygiene habits and wherever possible sticks to healthy snacks such as fresh fruits. Establishing a few healthy holiday routines and ensuring they brush their teeth will help you look after your kids oral health while they still thoroughly enjoy themselves on vacation.

Brushing routine

Daily brushing and flossing is important. When travelling be sure to pack your child friendly toothbrushes and the toothpaste your kids love so that they do not have to try and get used to anything new. For them it will be an extension of their normal dental hygiene routine. From the moment you arrive at your holiday destination establish the morning and night brushing routines so that they accept it as part of the holiday routine as well.

Flossing habits

Flossing once a day is important and even more so when on holiday when move sweet and unhealthy snacks maybe consumed. Flossing is essential for good oral care as it removes food particles and plaque along the gum line and between the teeth where a toothbrush cannot quite reach. Removing plaque along the gum lines greatly reduces the chance of enamel erosion and the development of tartar which causes teeth discolouration among other oral health issues. Flossing also helps remove bad breath causing bacteria.

Staying hydrated

For our mouth to stay health saliva plays an integral role as it keeps the mouth comfortable and lubricated and also kills germs as a defence against tooth decay and gum disease. Not drinking sufficient water can affect our saliva flow which increases the risk of developing dry mouth and other dental problems. Water cleans your teeth by dislodging and rinsing away food debris, acid and excess sticky sugar. It is especially important when on holiday to drink sufficient water and stay hydrated for both your oral and overall health.

Outdoor safety during summer vs dental health

Summer holidays will include a lot of different types of activities that while exciting will be new to your child. It is important to maintain outdoor safety for your child’s teeth such as packing a custom fitted mouthguard to protect the teeth while playing sports such as beach volleyball etc. If possible schedule an appointment with a paediatric dentistry clinic to get advice on how to protect your child’s teeth while on summer vacation during sports and activities such as swimming or surfing.

Maintaining dental hygiene while travelling

Even on holiday maintaining dental hygiene is important and should be made part of the holiday routine from the very first day. As mentioned before, pack your child’s preferred dental hygiene products so there is no drastic change, and they will be more inclined to continue with their daily teeth cleaning habits.

While sweets and treats are part of being on holiday, wherever and whenever possible include fruits and vegetables into the diet even if in snack form. Fresh vegetables and fruits are beneficial for the teeth and will help reduce the effects of unhealthy snacking.

Be prepared for any dental emergencies and find out the nearest local dentist in Battersea if you are holidaying in that area. Knowing this will help you better deal with any emergencies that can arise.


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