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Since opening our doors in Canary Wharf in 2004, Mouth Dental has evolved into a cutting edge dental practice offering both general and specialists services under one roof to the East London area and beyond. Our practice has enabled our patients to access a wider range of treatments at one site saving invaluable time. Backed by our professional team of experienced dental specialists we provide general dentistry along with specialist dental care including treatments such as teeth contouring Canary Wharf. We have helped over 9000 clients achieve their perfect smiles which is why we continuously grow and expand our services, so that even more people can recover their dental health and regain their confidence through our aesthetic treatments.

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WWhat is Teeth Contouring?

Teeth contouring or Enameloplasty is relatively simply cosmetic dentistry treatment option that helps create a simple smile makeover by providing artistic definition with minimum effort. It is one of the less invasive cosmetic dental procedures and one of the quickest ways to reshape your teeth to achieve your desired smile. During the procedure your cosmetic dentist will remove tiny amounts of enamel to reshape your teeth and while this is mostly done for cosmetic purposes it is also used for oral issues such as to remove pits or places where plaque collects.
As tooth enamel is essential for the health and stability of your teeth and to protect your overall dental health, only very little of it is removed at a time, between 0.5-1mm of enamel. No experienced dental profession would remove more than this, so as to keep the integrity of the tooth. This non-evasive procedure can be done even during a lunch break because it is very straightforward, with no nerve endings to cause pain.
Some of the benefits this simple but effective procedure provides are:

  • Achieving symmetry and proportions to enhance your smile and facial aesthetic
  • Each tooth has perfect definition
  • Your teeth look neater, uniform and even
  • No jagged, chipped or crooked edges
  • Minor crowding issues can be rectified
  • It makes cleaning teeth easier so good for overall oral health

Why is this procedure carried out?

Tooth extractions

Teeth contouring is ideal for fixing minor cosmetic issues such as overly long teeth or slightly misshapen teeth to alter the look of your smile. This inexpensive and simple procedure is the best way to make your teeth look neater. Minor issues that can be corrected include:

  • Slightly crooked teeth
  • Chipped tooth
  • Cracked/fractured teeth
  • Pointy/worn out
  • Crowded or positioning problems

What are the different types of teeth contouring options?

This is a simple procedure, but it is irreversible and has a slight risk factor, so it is important you entrust this procedure to a highly experienced and recognised cosmetic dentist. Once the enamel is removed it cannot be replaced which is why this is not a treatment suitable for major dental issues. It is specifically designed for subtle enhancements and changes. Your dentist will advice you on whether this treatment is suitable for your dental requirement.

Tooth contouring most often goes hand in hand with composite bonding in order to achieve the ideal tooth shape, colour and appearance.

To be suitable you should have healthy gums and teeth as it cannot be done on decayed teeth.

How much does it cost?

Tooth contouring is considerably less expensive than porcelain veneers because you do not have the cost of materials or lab work included. You are only paying for the dentist’s time, expertise and the specialised tools used. Ask your dentist for a personalised quote as the cost can vary in different dental practices.

Costing breakdown

Generally though tooth contouring costs are roughly between £30 and £100 per tooth, which of course will depend on the actual work you will need done and on the number of teeth. If you are getting multiple teeth done you maybe eligible for a discount.

Payment options at Mouth Dental

Our multi-clinic practice including Canary Wharf helps over 9000 private dental patients find lasting solutions for challenging or complex dental problems, treated by our friendly and professional team of established dental specialists. Backed by state of the art technology our labs have crafted lasting dental care solutions while our renowned aftercare is appreciated by all our patients. We only use the highest quality dental products for all our dental treatments including our teeth contouring procedures, which is why we always come highly recommended by other dental practices.
You can make use of our payment plans for your treatments that help spread out the cost. We also have a ‘pay as you go’ option that allows you to pay for the treatment you have carried out. Learn more about our 0% interest-free finance over 12 months and the 9.9% interest for up to five years, done in partnership with Chrysalis Finance.

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With a base of over 9,000 private dental patients, Mouth Dental is a multi-clinic practice based at South Quay and Churchill Place in Canary Wharf as well as Nine Elms SW11. Find out more below.

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What aftercare instructions are there for tooth contouring?

The main concern with tooth contouring is that your teeth become slightly thinner which can make them more sensitive to temperature changes. You will also have to protect your teeth from abrasive items and be very gentle when brushing your teeth.

  • Check with your doctor about adding extra calcium to your diet either through food or supplement
  • Use non-abrasive toothpaste
  • Be gentle when brushing
  • Maintain good oral hygiene
  • Avoid highly sweetened food or drinks
  • Avoid grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw
  • Maintain regular check-ups.

How long do the results last?

If you get the treatment done with an experienced dentist then the results are permanent and should not require any follow up treatment visits. You can enjoy your even and perfectly shaped teeth with confidence. However, in the case you chip your tooth or develop a cavity then you will need to visit your dentist.

Is the procedure safe?

Yes the procedure is safe and is normally completed within half to one hour, depending on the number of teeth you are getting treated and the nature of the problem. You may have to visit your dentist for an initial consultation to determine the correct treatment for you. Tooth contouring does not require a treatment plan.
The actual process involves your dentist removing small parts of enamel and if possible using it to remould parts of your teeth. The treated tooth will be smoothed and polished using special dental tools, so that it matches the aesthetic of your new and improved smile.

Is the procedure painful?

This is a completely non-invasive treatment and as there are no nerve endings involved it is also totally painless. You will not even need numbing/anaesthetics or painkillers during or after the procedure. It is only if the enamel is affected that you feel pain but with an expert dentist there is no reason for concern that this will happen.

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