How are teeth straightened and how can it boost your oral health?


Mouth Dental provides a wide portfolio of cosmetic dentistry treatments done by cosmetic dentistry specialists, offering procedures that help our patients regain their confidence through their smiles. We are strengthened by our team of experienced consultants and specialists in all aspects of dental care. Our cosmetic dentists have helped with the gradual teeth straightening of many patients who have gone on to enjoy their regained beautiful smiles.

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Benefits of teeth straightening procedures

Crowded or crooked teeth can cause embarrassment and self-consciousness, which is why getting professional orthodontic treatment done to straighten them has become more popular over the years. The benefits of getting your teeth corrected goes beyond just its aesthetic value; there is no denying that it boosts your confidence and self-esteem when you see your wonderfully perfect smile, however, there are medical benefits to having straight teeth too.

  • It becomes easier to clean your teeth properly which helps avoid dental problem such as tooth enamel abnormalities and tooth decay. Brushing and flossing becomes easier.
  • Chewing food becomes easier as your upper and lower jaws will bite properly with straighter teeth, which also helps with speech which can get affected by misaligned teeth.
  • By straightening your teeth, it also helps reduce stress and strain on your jaw, bones, and gum tissue. It also assists your facial muscles to function properly
  • When your teeth are straightened it reduces the gaps between them, preventing the teeth from shifting

What are the different types of teeth straightening treatments?

Today there are many different types of straightening options and people can opt for a treatment plan that suits their needs, finances, and lifestyle.

Dental Aligners – Also known as clear aligners, these are removable, custom-made mouthpieces that fit over the teeth. As your teeth straighten over time you will have several slightly varying versions that will gently and gradually shift your teeth.
It is a non-invasive treatment and has less impact on the quality of your life during the duration of the treatment.
The treatment itself varies according to each patient, depending on the how much the teeth need to be moved or rotated. The more crooked the teeth are, the longer the treatment will take, lasting anywhere between 6 to 24 months or more.
Aftercare – While wearing dental aligners you should only drink water or fluids at room temperature so as not to damage them. You should also clean your teeth after every meal so that your aligners do not get dirty.
The results from aligners can be permanent but you will need to have retainers to help your teeth to stay in their newly straightened positions.
Braces – Available as metal braces or ceramic braces, this is the process of fixing metal or ceramic brackets to each tooth with flexible wires that are adjusted to align the teeth as the treatment progresses. Traditional braces are made of metal but there are now invisible or tooth-coloured brackets made from ceramic or titanium alloys.
This is a minimally invasive treatment as the permanent brackets can affect the quality of your life. You can also opt for lingual braces which are fixed behind your teeth. However, these can be more expensive and cause more discomfort initially while taking longer than conventional braces. They are not outwardly visible though.
Treatment usually lasts for about 12 months but can last up to 3 years. During the entire treatment period you must visit your orthodontist every 4 weeks or so to adjust the wires.
Aftercare – There will be certain types of food and beverages you should and should not consume. Right after getting your braces, you should avoid hard, tough, and chewy food and instead stick to a softer diet such as pasta, white fish, and mashed potato. It is also best to avoid a lot of sugary foods as you need to keep your teeth and braces very clean to avoid decalcification. Brush your teeth after every meal, being sure to clean the brackets properly as well. Cleaner and healthier teeth will have a positive impact on the straightening treatment.
Retainers – Though retainers are usually for after straightening has been done by aligners or braces, for minor correction issues your orthodontist may recommend retainers. For correctional purposes, retainer treatment times vary depending on your dental requirement. However, if worn after a straightening treatment then you will need to wear them for life but the regularity of how often will reduce.
These are non-invasive as no surgery is required. Removable retainers are less visible than braces though more visible than dental aligners.
Aftercare – It is important to keep your teeth very clean and to always remove your retainers before eating or drinking. Clean your retainers with cold water and a small toothbrush but do not use toothpaste.
Invisalign aligners – Invisalign is a popular way of straightening teeth and designed as a less invasive alternative to traditional metal braces. Made from clear plastic they are similar to retainers but differ in that they are designed to apply gentle pressure to specific teeth in order shift them slightly little by little till the desired shift is achieved. You will wear a series of aligners, each for a period of 1-2 weeks till you reach the desired goal.

Teeth straightening procedures at Mouth Dental

We provide complete dental care under one roof which includes professional teeth straightening procedures done by our expert orthodontists who help transform your smile. After an initial consultation, your orthodontists will recommend the treatment best suited for your teeth. We provide a full teeth straightening London service backed by the latest technological innovations.

Why choose Mouth Dental?

You know you are receiving high-end digital dentistry, specialist treatments and care when you choose Mouth Dental. We have the best qualified in-house dental specialists and consultants while you can make use of our extended opening hours as well. We always choose the minimally invasive treatment option whenever possible and ensure that you never miss scheduled appointments with texts and email reminders. Our clinics only use high quality dental products which can be purchased at our clinics as well. Enjoy free WiFi at our welcoming reception and two hours of free parking.

You can make use of our payment options for your treatments that help spread out the cost. We also have a ‘pay as you go’ option that allows you to pay for the treatment you have carried out. Learn more about our 0% interest-free finance over 12 months and the 9.9% interest for up to five years, done in partnership with Chrysalis Finance.


You do not need to suffer with crooked or misaligned teeth any longer. Today, even adult teeth can be straightened to help avoid a wide range of dental complications that can arise from misaligned teeth and improve your oral health. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you get straighter teeth. Don’t suffer any longer — begin your journey towards achieving your confident smile.

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