The benefits of airflow teeth cleaning: a fresh approach to dental hygiene

by | Jun 20, 2023


A bright smile is one of our biggest assets along with good oral health. Our food and drink consumption over the years cause our teeth to stain or discolour and contributes to the buildup of tartar. If not cleaned properly, this can lead to gum disease resulting in loose teeth and even tooth loss. Tartar is also bad for your overall physical wellbeing. To maintain our healthy smiles daily cleaning backed by professional teeth cleaning treatments are essential. Airflow treatment is an advanced and effective cleaning method to remove stains providing a great alternative to the traditional scale and polish option.

Importance of dental hygiene

Having good dental health goes beyond the simple aesthetics of having a beautiful smile. Dental hygiene and oral health are important for our overall health because, if not checked, mouth bacteria can reach high levels that can increase the risk of health complications such as heart disease, diabetes and strokes. Gum disease can affect your face shape and your ability to eat and speak properly. It causes bad breath and pain. Good oral hygiene habits also reduce the possibility of tooth decay and cavities.

Besides, good dental hygiene has the well-known benefits of ensuring you have fresh breath, healthier teeth and gums, reducing dental plaque build-up and providing general preventive care that reduces the need for emergency or restorative dental care in the future. It helps you maintain healthy teeth and save money by reducing the need for dental work. 

A beautiful smile is a natural mood booster and helps with our social life as it gives us the confidence to meet and greet people. 

Airflow teeth cleaning

Airflow teeth cleaning uses state-of-the-art technology to remove stains and discolourations caused by habits such as consuming coffee tea tobacco and red wine among others. The benefits of airflow dental cleaning is that it is simple and yet gives you a brighter and fresh smile, an immediately noticeable difference. This method of dental cleaning while effective is actually gentle on the teeth and less abrasive than other cleaning methods, so that even people with dental implants can have it done. 

With this cleaning method, hard-to-reach spots and delicate areas of the mouth can be cleaned properly, especially areas such as the gum line where plaque buildup happens. It is extremely safe and not painful at all as it is a fine spray of water and sodium bicarbonate powder that is used for the cleaning process. The Airflow unit even pre-warms the water so that there is no sensitivity. It provides immediate results with no follow-up visits necessary to complete the treatment. 

How does airflow teeth cleaning work?

This is a good fix for treating and managing gum problems while it also effectively removes stains and discolourations from the teeth along with plaque. Airflow uses a combination of water, compressed air and fine powder particles of sodium bicarbonate to clean and polish the teeth. It is a convenient way to maintain good dental hygiene and oral health as well as providing a quick solution for special occasions so that you can smile with confidence.

Airflow treatment can reach the front and back of your teeth as the fine high-pressure jet gently removes bacteria and stains from your teeth surface. It can clean periodontal pockets as well and is a good whitening treatment without using whitening products. This is a very good cleaning option for people with sensitive teeth because there is no direct contact, vibration or heat. 

The non-abrasive treatment lasts about 30 minutes and is completely pain-free though there is the possibility you may get wet from the water spray. You are left with a fresh and clean mouth and you can return to your daily life right after the procedure. 

The benefits of airflow teeth cleaning

Plaque and stain removal – The high-pressure nozzle effectively removes plaque biofilm, early calculus deposits and stains, basically both cleaning and polishing the teeth. It cannot remove hard tartar though but is a great way to prevent hard tartar from occurring in the first place.

Gentle and non-invasive procedure – With the combination of compressed air, high-pressure water and soft powder it is a very gentle procedure that is also completely non-invasive.

Reduced risk of gum damage – The airflow nozzle is able to reach areas that other scrapping and cleaning tools may not be able to. The water pressure can clean the build-up along the gum line which is a great way to reduce the risk it poses to the gums. 

Improved oral health and hygiene – It is three times faster at plaque and debris removal with less pressure on the teeth. It is a very safe cleaning method that effectively removes plaque deposits and stubborn stains from the teeth. 

Fresher breath and a cleaner feel – This cleaning method has proven results that leave the mouth feeling fresh and clean and is said to equal regular hygienist visits.

Cleans teeth that have undergone treatment without damage – Thanks to being non-abrasive and not requiring heat, solutions or other tools it is a very comfortable process and gentle enough to be used on veneers, dental implants, crowns and bridges.


If you are someone with sensitive teeth or an uneasy patient, then airflow cleaning is the perfect choice for you. There are no metal tools involved or strong solutions to deal with but instead compressed air, water and powder to gently but effectively clean and polish your teeth and provide good oral hygiene. Thanks to airflow dental hygiene you can enjoy fresh and clean teeth within about 30 minutes and get about your day with no side effects. Check with your dental hygienist or a clinic near you and book an appointment for airflow teeth cleaning and enjoy all the benefits it provides.