How long should you wear Invisalign and why should you?

by | Jun 10, 2022


Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment popular with younger people and those who want to adjust or straighten their teeth without the hassle of traditional braces. They are less noticeable than metal braces and can be taken off. Wearing invisalign reasons include gently pulling your teeth into the correct position by wearing a series of custom made Invisalign clear braces that completely cover your teeth, without completely altering your appearance during the treatment period.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that is a non-invasive alternative to the traditional braces. It helps transform your smile in to the one you deserve without the hassle of metal braces or wires to contend with during the treatment. Invisalign treatment is also a relatively comfortable process when compared to the procedure of getting traditional braces. There is nothing to distract from your appearance during your invisalign treatment as it gently and discreetly aligns your teeth.

These removable clear aligners are ideal for teens and adults looking to get correctional work done and straighten misaligned teeth in front. If you need corrective work on your back teeth, aligners are probably not the best option. Aligners are perfect for those who prefer flexibility during the treatment.

How many hours a day should you wear invisalign?

It is recommended that you wear your invisalign aligners for about 20-22 hours a day, so that your mouth and tongue also get used to the temporary environment. Initially your tongue will feel slightly uncomfortable with the lack of normal space and so can affect your speech slightly as well. However, as you continue to wear your aligners you will get used to it quite quickly.

How long does the treatment take?

The invisalign treatment time is generally shorter than the time period for traditional metal braces, with patients wearing their invisalign trays for about 6 to 18 months. Traditional braces can take up to 2 years to complete the process. Again the duration of a treatment plan will depend on each patient from age to the specific requirements of each individual.  To determine this, your dentist will examine your teeth and make a rough duration estimate based on that, a timeframe that can vary slightly.

Invisalign vs traditional braces: How long should you wear them

Invisalign has provided patients across the globe with a discreet alternative to traditional braces with a significantly shorter treatment period. As they are made of a BPA-free plastic they are comfortable to wear and being removable make them even more convenient for the person using them. Invisalign consists of a series of custom made clear braces that fit perfect over your teeth to gently adjust them into the desired position. While they feel tight initially the aligners begin to feel loser as your teeth shift into position. At this point you will be reassigned with a new aligner to continue with the straightening process. How long you need to wear your aligners will depend on how quickly or slowly your teeth shift to their new positions.

Do the braces need to be refitted?

As with braces invisalign too needs to be refitted and adjusted. They work by exerting gentle pressure on your teeth to shift them to the required position, so that your teeth are gradually straightened over the period of the treatment. As your teeth shift the current aligner will start to feel loser at which point you will be assigned your next aligner which will continue the process of shifting your teeth. The treatment ends when your teeth reach your desired goal, pre-determined with your dentist at the initial invisalign consultation.

Benefits and reasons to consider invisalign

There are many reasons as to why invisalign orthodontic treatments are so popular today. From a time when the only way to straighten or correct misaligned teeth was with traditional braces that involve metal brackets and wires to be attached to your teeth, invisalign has given the world a convenient and highly effective alternative. Wearing invisalign is comfortable as they fit precisely and gently over your teeth and so fit in smoothly into your daily life without trouble. Some of the other benefits of invisalign are listed below:

Helps straighten teeth over time

It is an effective way to gradually realign and straighten your teeth with minimum fuss and hassle. It is not invasive and an easy treatment to adopt. As it is nearly invisible and removable it does not alter your smile during the time you are using them, unlike meta braces that are very noticeable.


Because they are removable aligners they cause less dental sensitivity, gum irritation, tooth chipping and even bad breath as it makes it easy to clean your mouth, teeth, gums and the aligners themselves properly so there is no build-up of bacteria.

Ability to eat as usual

As they are removable it makes it easier to eat and drink food without hindrance, unlike traditional braces where food particles can get stuck in the brackets and wires.

Aligners are easy to clean and maintain

Aligners are extremely easy to clean as they can be both rinsed and cleaned. As soon as you eat or drink something or have been wearing your invisalign throughout the day you can freshen it up with a rinse with lukewarm water. To avoid discolouration aim to rinse them out after every meal. You can also give them a thorough cleaning every few days or so to get rid of bacteria build up. It is best to maintain a separate soft bristle tooth brush for this along with nonabrasive toothpaste or any other cleaning agent recommended by your dentist.

Comfortable compared to many other types

As you wear your aligners for the first time it may take some getting used to because there is some initial discomfort. It is not unbearable though and after a few days you will get used to the novel sensation. Seeing as they are not permanent and are custom fit for you they are very comfortable when compared to having permanent brackets stuck onto your teeth.

Virtually invisible

This is the beauty of invisalign, they are practically invisible not causing any immediate visible changes to your appearance while working wonders on straightening your teeth. They cause minimum disruption to your normal daily life.

Boost self confidence

When you start to notice the changes to your teeth as they gently adjust to your desired positions you will feel an added confidence in your smile. A confident smile is our best asset, and it gives you a definite boost of confidence to your self esteem.

Covered by many insurance plans

Luckily many dental insurance plans cover invisalign treatments the same way they would braces. They may either pay for a certain amount of the cost or they pay a certain dollar amount. Insurance never pays the full amount for the treatment and there is often a lifetime cap on the amount for orthodontic treatments, but the amount they do cover goes a long way to helping you achieve your dream of straighter teeth.


Basically, invisalign treatment is a smart way to achieve your desired smile or correct dental issues such as overbites or underbites. You can get about your daily life with no hindrance while the invisalign works towards gently realigning your teeth. With a normal treatment duration of about a year, invisalign is truly the option of the discerning patient.