What happens during a routine dental check-up?

by | Jun 14, 2022


You have probably heard how important a routine dental check up is but do not think it really necessary if there is nothing outwardly wrong with your teeth. That though is the importance of having a regular dental check up routine because it helps maintain healthy teeth and catch any possible oral problems early. Depending on how healthy your gums and teeth are you might not really need to go once in six months but no matter how often you go, establishing a routine check up will allow your dentist to inspect your teeth and gums which helps prevent problems. Cavities and plaque build up can be found in time, and you will be guided on the best ways to maintain your oral health.

Let your dentist recommend how frequent check ups should be for you, so that unless something actually happens between visits, you can stick to the schedule advised by your dentist.

Importance of routine dental check ups

Looking after our oral health is an important gift we give ourselves. Not only does it ensure we have a healthy smile it also helps detect any dental problems early which can be treated immediately. Keeping your mouth healthy has a positive impact on your general health as well. The best option would be to find a dental practice close to you or your workplace so that you will not too lazy to go for your appointments. It might also make a difference if you choose a place where you can get additional treatments done if needed. That way it can all be done under roof without causing you too much hassle.

Here are a few more reasons that highlight the importance of having routine check-ups.

Help maintain dental health – If you are lucky enough to enjoy good oral health already then you owe it to yourself to maintain it as such. Regular guidance from your dentist will ensure your dental health remains in the best condition.

Detect irregularities with teeth, unhealthy gums etc – During a check up your dentist can see if you have any dental problems and look into anything that looks as though it could develop into an issue. Treating problems early can help prevent them becoming serious.

Detect Oral cancer – Oral cancer is a genuine concern, and your dentist will be able to look for any potential signs of oral cancer, during the check up

Helps prevent diseases such as gum disease – Gum disease and other such oral health issues can be prevented or treated immediately with early detection. If not treated in time gum disease leads to the lose of teeth which affects the bone density of your jaw and the structure of your face. Once gum disease becomes advanced, it cannot be reversed.

Prevent cavities and tooth decay – Sometimes even with maintaining good oral health habits cavities and tooth decay are real threats, which your dentist will be able to look for and take prompt action

Avoid costly and invasive treatments in future – Early detection and action can prevent dental problems from developing into serious problems that will require costly and invasive treatments.

Correct speaking and speech issues caused by crooked teeth, issues with jaw etc – Your dentist will be able to tell you if you need corrective treatments, such as jaw alignments, teeth straightening, to enhance the quality of your life.

What to expect at a dental check up?

During a routine check up is when your dentist will examine your teeth, mouth and gums to determine how healthy they are and if there are any potential problems that need to be looked into. You will undergo a thorough examination during which your dental health will be determined.

  • Evaluate your dental history
  • Past records, general health, lifestyle and habits
  • Extensive examination of your mouth, teeth and gums
  • Check if any issues have developed since your last visit
  • Advice you on the best methods to maintain your oral health
  • Determine when your next visit should be

Scans or dental x-rays

If there is anything that concerns your dentist he/she will carry out scans or dental x-ray of your mouth to determine the severity of the concern and what treatments you may need. Dental x-rays give your dentist a complete picture of the condition of your teeth and roots, as well as of your jaw bone placement. They can detect and treat any problems before they become too serious.

Carry out a dental clean up

Your routine visit to the dentist is the perfect time to undergo a deep teeth cleaning which thoroughly gets rid of plaque build up and helps keep teeth clean, white and free from the possible development of cavities and gum disease. This is a wonderful way to keep your gums and teeth healthy because it removes the chances of pockets of tartar building up and damaging your gums. However well we clean our gums and teeth, a professional clean up should be done once in a while, to really keep our teeth healthy.

Provide advice on lifestyle changes or habits

This is the time for you to ask any questions regarding your dental health and get expert advice on how to look after your gum and teeth. You will be guided on the best lifestyle choices to make to safeguard your teeth and which habits are best reduced or done away with completely, such as consuming sweet food and beverages and smoking. You will also be able to learn on the best food to maintain oral health.

Begin a treatment plan

If you are in need of dental treatments for whatever reasons this is where you will either start them or be guided to the correct dental care option for you needs. Your routine check is when you will be prepped for any up coming dental surgery by laying the ground work. If you are covered by NHS dental treatment then you can find out which procedures are covered and plan accordingly. You will be told of the process and what your specific treatment plan will entail so that you will be best prepared for the procedure and have a clear understanding regarding duration and what to expect at each stage.


As mentioned above, how regularly you will need a routine dental check up will depend on the current status of your oral health. If you take care of your teeth by practicing good oral hygiene you can make routine dental visits to maintain that level of health. If you have dental issues that need treatment then you may need more dental check ups which will ease as the issue is sorted and it is more about maintenance than treatment.

It is never too early to find your preferred dental practice and start the habit of going for regular dental check ups. Studies have shown how oral health has a direct impact on our general health which is why it makes sense to look after your dental health. Now that you have an idea what to expect during a routine dental check up, give yourself the gift of good health by taking the time to have your gums and teeth looked after, so that you can continue to enjoy your wonderful smile.